In Japan, Wave 5 of the Super Smash Bros. series was released on July 30th, 2015.


For simplincity purposes, we will use abbreviation for the names of compatible games.

Figures Edit

No. Box Name Games compatible
42 Packaging Dr. Mario JP Dr. Mario ATNGB, CRZL, CTTT, GM3, HW, MLPJ, MP10, SMM, SSB, YWW
43 Packaging Bowser Jr. JP Bowser Jr. ATNGB, CRZL, CTTT, GM3, HW, MP10, SMM, SSB, YWW
44 Packaging Olimar JP Olimar ACASL+, ATNGB, CRZL, CTTT, GM3, HW, MK8, MP10, SMM, SSB, YWW

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