Hello! Feel free to add your prediction about the next (and potentially final) Super Smash Bros waves.

KEY: Common: 3-5 Months in Production (Ex. Link) Uncommon: 2 Months in Production (Ex. Diddy Kong) Rare: 1 Month in Production (Ex. Pit)

My Predictions: Wave 5 Pikmin & Olimar (Common) Greninja (Common) Falco (Common) Ganondorf (Uncommon) Zero Suit Samus (Uncommon) Palutena (Uncommon) R.O.B (Rare) (Amazon Exclusive) Dr. Mario (Rare) (Wal-Mart Exclusive) Wave 6 Mii Brawler (Common) Mii Gunner (Common) Mii Fighter (Common) Bowser Jr. (Uncommon) Duck Hunt (Uncommon) Mr. Game & Watch (Rare) Jigglypuff (Rare) How the Mii's will work: The Mii's would be the standard ones used for promotions and on the character select, but when you tap them in you get to select your me instead of Alt. costumes, then you give it costumes, equipment, and special moves.

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