• Luke the Mac Lover

    Editing bot

    March 2, 2015 by Luke the Mac Lover

    Hi there,

    I have an editing bot (see: Help:Bots) called User:LukeBot, who is basically a user that performs tasks automatically. You can see past use of it on the Jack's Journey wiki, where it has made over 1,000 edits. In order for it to get a bot flag, public consent is necessary. Please comment below if you wouldn't mind if I used my bot.

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  • Luke the Mac Lover

    Hi editors!

    The pages on here seem to have some errors whether it be spellings or useless code, here I'm going to list what I hope to cleanup in the next while!


    Current games categories are fine.

    Some amiibo, like Mario have different variations, so I suggest we should have something like

    • Mario (Super Smash Bros)
    • Mario (Super Mario)
    • Mario (Super Mario Gold)
    • Mario (Super Mario Silver)

    General spelling mistakes, format change, nothing major will be done without consent!

    Hopefully you will agree with all this, make sure to share opinions in the comments!

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