WARING: Spoilers In This Blog Post

All Right So There Are Amiibo For Starter Characters But Not Secret Characters. If Pepole Who Find Secret Characters For Amiibo In Stores It Will Spoil It For Them. So Will Nintendo Ever Make Amiibo For Secret Characters Or Not If So Then Will They Be In Stores Like Wallmart Or Toys R Us And More. Only Nintendo Has The Awser But I Just Tought Of Something. If They Ever Make A Mr. Game And Watch Figure. Then It Most Likely Would Be Flat But. Would It Be A Breakable Sense It Being Flat. This Might Will Not Affect The Amiibo In Games But Who Knows Oh Wait Nintendo. Post In The Comments What You Think About The Secret Character Amiibos And Mr Game And Watch. Say If You Think Nintendo Will Make Secret Character Amiibos And Do You Think Mr Game And Watch Would Break Easily In The Comments. Thanks For Reading This If You Did And Have A Good Day..... Or Night....... Or What Ever Time You Saw This...... Blah 

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