Xenoblade Chronicles 3D, is an action role-playing video game published by Nintendo and developed by Monolith Soft as a handheld version of the Wii RPG of the same name. It supports the NFC functionality added in to the 'New' revision of the 3DS console lines.

Xenoblade Chronicles has been ported exclusively to New Nintendo 3DS by Monster Games, the same team that ported Donkey Kong Country Returns to Nintendo 3DS, the team that's also know as the developer of Excite Truck and PilotWings Resort.

It's also the only announced gamed playable exclusively on the new handhelds.



The player will be able to earn in-game tokens in Xenoblade Chronicles 3D by tapping a Shulk amiibo figure to the New Nintendo 3DS/XL and New Nintendo 2DS XL. These tokens can be used to unlock music and animated 3D models of various characters.

Compatible FiguresEdit


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